A DETERMINED man from Naas who was injured in a skiing accident has acquired a new gadget to help him on the road to recovery.

Séamus Fogarty damaged his back following an accident in St.Anton in Austria last year when he fell badly down the side of a mountain while skiing with friends. But ever since the accident Séamus, has been trying to get back to full fitness and as well as enrolling in Ray Darcy’s 5K challenge on Today FM, he is also regularly out and about in Naas on his elliptical bicycle, which he recently purchased.

Séamus said the ElliptiGO is a peculiar-looking machine which is a hybrid between a bicycle and a cross trainer. It is a fitness device that emulates running outdoors, without the associated impact. Lots of runners, especially as they get older, experience joint damage from pounding the pavement - which sometimes results in long periods without their endorphin rush due to injury! The ElliptiGO allows them to avoid these effects and prolong their running lives.

Séamus, who manufactures PVC maintenance-free fencing in Ireland (www.fogartypvcfencing.com) said he has now started selling ElliptiGOs in Ireland, having seen the training benefits first hand.

“I saw the Elliptigo while attending a PVC fencing convention in Vegas in February and having tried one out decided to pursue the possibility of bringing them to market in Ireland. It’s similar to a bike in many ways - you still have to pedal - but it goes a little slower and, because you operate it standing up, you don’t end up with a sore bum!

“It’s basically the closest you can get to running without actually doing it, which suits me and my injuries down to a tee.”

He added: “These days I’m on my ElliptiGO most days after work - and wherever I go people always stop and stare. It’s certainly worthy of a double take and it’s really helping me on the road to full recovery. Medical experts and physio’s are endorsing the Elliptigo as a great aerobic workout, without any of the usual injuries associated with running and better still your outdoors!