The key to a successful marathon is preparation. With the right training a marathon can be one of the most rewarding things you will ever experience. BUT if you fail to prepare correctly, running a marathon will be 26 miles of sheer hell.

Consult Your GP

The first step in preparing for a marathon should be a visit to your GP. Apart from protecting an athlete, a thorough medical check-up may improve performance and general health by highlighting the need for some nutritional supplements.

For example, your haemoglobin level might be low which would lower your energy levels but taking an iron supplement and perhaps some vitamins would be of great benefit. It is quite common to be low in iron.

Set a Realistc Finish Time Goal

Once you have gotten the all clear from the doctor to take part in a marathon you then have to decide what sort of time you want to go round in.

Follow a Training Schedule

It is essential to follow a training schedule and make sure you slowly prepare your body for the toughest of tests ahead.